November 1, 2017 - 12  Year Old Makes Teddy Bears for Sick Kids, and also Helps His Father Combat Cancer With a Bear

     Tasmania’s Campbell’s Remess is not your typical 12 year old boy. For the past three years he has spent all his spare time making teddy bears for sick children. He has an unusual hobby: sewing. Specifically, he makes teddy bears, and gives them to children at the local hospital. 
     Five years ago, his father Nathan was diagnosed with cancer. They removed a tumor the size of a tennis ball, but there is an 80 per cent recurrence rate. "When we discovered dad had cancer it was really upsetting," said Campbell. "Cancer gets worse with stress, so I made him the bear, so he could get rid of the cancer". Since he got his bear, the cancer hasn't returned. It's the longest period he has been cancer free since his diagnosis. "There's a little big of magic in them," said Nathan.     

May 10, 2017 -  Robotic Companions Enhance the Lives of the Elderly!

     Robotic Companions are enhancing the quality of life for the elderly. A resident at a home for seniors who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a few years ago changed when a robotic cat was placed on her lap. Robotic companions have become a very therapeutic resource for patients, just like the soft cuddly teddy bears from Bear Givers have provided warmth, comfort, and happiness to many children and elderly that we have delivered them to.  It also has been said that the robotic cats decrease loneliness, and cheers patients up by comforting them. According to Dr. Mattan Schuman he says “Some home bound senior patients “Get a lot of comfort from having their pets as a companion throughout the day.
     Social isolation is very common problem among older adults and having a pet is a really wonderful way to overcome that”. The elderly begin to gain an emotional connection with a teddy bear or even a robotic pet, and it becomes very sentimental to them. It’s really wonderful how teddy bears and robotic pets can transform patients in such a positive and uplifting way. 

May 3, 2017 - Karen Pence Believes Art Therapy is an Effective and Therapeutic Tool

     At Bear Givers we are firm believers in the power of art therapy, and we are glad to see Karen Pence using her platform as second lady to bring attention to children and art therapy programs. Bear Givers regularly hosts Art Shows to empower children with disabilities and special needs by featuring their artwork in a professional gallery setting and inviting guests to an opening reception.
     Karen Pence generously donated an original painting that she created for an Art Show we hosted for Rusk Rehabilitation at NYU Langone. All of the sale proceeds directly benefitted Rusk’s pediatric rehabilitation programs. We wish her every success with her very worthwhile mission.
     According to Pence, Art therapy can be used for anyone who is experiencing trauma. It helps individual overcome obstacles, and heal. According to the American Art Therapy Association, Art therapists use art, the creative process and the artwork patients create to help them explore feelings, resolve emotional conflicts, manage behavior and addictions, reduce anxiety and boost self-esteem, among other benefits. A main goal is to improve or restore a patient’s functioning and sense of personal well-being.
     Art therapy is powerful and an effective tool for therapy and we believe at Bear Givers more people should have the opportunity to have art therapy as a way of healing.

March 8, 2017 -  Stuffed Animals Have Become Very Beneficial for Children When it Comes to Reading

     Bear Givers believes in the power of giving, and the gift of a soft and cuddly teddy bear has many benefits, such as uplifting ones spirits, helping and aiding in healing, providing joy and comfort to individuals who are going through hard times such as the loss of a loved one, recovering from being ill, and comforting a child during a hard time and struggles.
     Another plus is that according to a recent study it was found that sending stuffed animals for a sleepover at the library encourages children to read with them. A stuffed animal could be the way to encourage a child to read! How clever! According to the study, if a child thinks that their toys are reading, they want to mimic what they are doing and read as well! This is beyond beneficial and a great way to get your kids to read and the benefits are a plus as well! It helps with their social skills, teaching them how to be communicative and helping them to develop interpersonal skills from a young age. All of this will only benefit them in the future and help them with many things they will start to face as they get older.