Empowerment Program Profile

The Empowerment Program enables children with special needs to experience the joy and pride of giving to others and contributing to their school. Bear Givers donates teddy bears to a school so that each student receives a bear to keep and another give away. The children decide as a group where to donate the bears. The teddy bears are personally delivered by the students or shipped depending on the destination.

Team Building Sponsorship
Empowerment Program Sponsorships are excellent ways for your employees to engage in community activities and team building.

Sponsor Benefits:
• Visit the school and help children prepare to visit the organization where they are donating bears.
• Accompany children as they visit the chosen organization and help them to distribute the bears.
• Your company logo will appear on the Teddy Bear shirts, in all-print communications with school and organization receiving bears, and on event signage.
• Your company will be featured in an event profile on beargivers.org and in all press releases.

Please contact Diane Lempert for additional information.