Enabling Youngsters to Give Back through Art

Because children with special needs or illness are constantly in the position of receiving, the EmpowerArt Program enables these children to experience the joy and pride of creating art, seeing it showcased and sold at a special exhibit, and making a meaningful contribution since all proceeds are donated to the school or hospital. The magic starts when children create their works of art in preparation for the exhibit. Bear Givers then works with the school or hospital to mount a special exhibit showing all the children’s art pieces. The students, families, friends, and special guests are invited to the exhibit and reception.

The children are the stars of the opening reception. Their pride and excitement at seeing their artwork professionally framed, displayed, admired, and sold is overwhelming.

Finally, knowing that their work is enriching their school or the hospital provides them with a one of a kind sense of accomplishment and confidence. Bear Givers is expanding the EmpowerArt Program to reach children in a variety of settings. Currently, the program is being developed for the children of military personnel who live near or on bases in the U.S.

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