June 27, 2013 - The Jewish Link

Unique Inspiration: SINAI Youngsters Give Back Through Art


SINAI Schools Art Show - Jewish LinkEnglewood—The tables in the crowded Midday Gallery in Englewood, New Jersey, were set with delicious hors d’ouvres and the walls were embellished with creative art work, but the most striking aspect of the SINAI art show on the evening of June 18, 2013 was the children. Their faces positively shone with pride as they observed the many visitors admiring and commenting on the original works these students had produced in the Art Therapy Programs in participating SINAI schools.

SINAI School’s Art Therapist Sarah Tarzik took the time to explain how art can benefit students who may have difficulty sharing their ideas through ordinary speech. Creating personal works of art provides these children with different avenues in which they can express thoughts and feelings they might have been previously unable to verbalize. Each piece of artwork displayed at the show was clearly an expression of how art can empower children to communicate and cope with challenges.